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    Three sheep, the global healthy sleep system

    Bao ma's safe choice

    Specially designed for newborn babies, it adopts scientific "alpha sound wave" sound effect, and through special music segments, it can soothe the sleep and protect the baby's immature hearing, enabling the baby to stimulate the deep potential of brain and promote the healthy development of body and mind in the process of deep sleep.
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    Brand story

    Three sheep intelligent ecological sleep AIDS, using ecological and pure natural music therapy, integrated with modern intelligent technology, enable you to immerse in the fresh and original ecological atmosphere of nature every night, enjoy light and comfortable sleep, luxury and health, good sleep allows you to enjoy the best spirit and quality of life.
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    Natural fragrance

    Wonderful music, relieve pressure;Warm lighting, relax the body and mind;Natural aromatherapy, pleasant mood;Let you in the sound, light and taste of the environment, peace of mind sleep
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    Light sleep sleep, healthy life