About us

Brand culture is introduced

Brand’s Core Value System

      With the aim to provide our staff a first-rate platform, cooperative partner well-behaved investment return, people all around the world with better sleep quality, human being with smart health sleeping products, so that improve the sleep quality of them.

Brand’s Orientation

      With the rapid pace of urban development, our life in city has become more convenient but meanwhile with huge pressure. We has endured the fast life style and intense work.The authoritative experts abroad say that one of the most effective ways to replenish energy is to have enough sleep. However, most city people have suffered from insomnia due to the intense work.
     A strong scientific research team was built up in ESYS company,and they are absorbed in researching a safe, mild and effective physical therapy methods to solve this problem.Thus,the three sheep’s white noise sleep machines come into being.The sleep machine of three sheep was produced by the latest production technology. It’s added the legitimate licensed music by the famous masters of music therapy in Japan, which made the product with excellent effect of sleep. It’s no doubt that the product’s quality was good, but the team were constantly looking for the new technology and updating our products.
     We always believe that the word “fine” is different from the word “better”, but our team could be described by using word “better” with the faith of keep moving and seek perfection.


Brand’s Design Philosophy

      The traditional Chinese medicine says that the Yin and Yang of the grain absorbs the Yin and Yang of the heaven and earth, and then transfers into the Yin and Yang of the human body. It’s a normal philosophy for people to keep physiology in good health by reconciling the Yin and Yang in the body to keep balance. 
     But the Taoists who think highly of psychological adjustment think that we should pay much attention to heaven and man and pursue for nature.

Product’s Design Philosophy

   The color of logo makes people feel peace and kind,which represents the healthy sleep feature of products. 
   The particular treatment of word “e” in the logo has been blended in the Tai Chi element as the ingenious product design. 
   It also reflects the profound cultural heritage of product and future creative spirit of era by blending the word “three sheep” in Chinese traditional culture Tai Chi.